Saturday, September 17, 2016

where to get disk stone on monster hunter generations

where to get disk stone on monster hunter generations

to get disk stones you need to go to verdant hills and you can easily find them at map 5 and surrounding areas

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

MHX Hammer tutorial


 Lets start with the Hunting Arts
typhoon trigger charging spinning attack

spinning meteor : powerful spinning attack

Provoke : taunts monster

Arial Style Hammer
benefits: ability to use arial moves, can charge in the air
disadvantage: only one hunter art, level 3 charge gone

Striker Style Hammer
Benefits: hunter arts available is 3,
Disadvantage: most powerful hit in triple X combo is gone[ god swing]

Bushido Hammer
Benefits: Awesome Bushido dodge, bushido charge attack
Disadvantage: 1 hunting art, you cant redirect and cant call back kinsect

Guild style Hammer
 Benefits: 2 hunting arts and traditional way of monster hunting
Disadvantage: not much

My Recommendation 
guild style because of simplicity but if your a veteran try aerial or bushido